Canoe Rolling

Chris can do it .... Nettie has done it ... but why would you want to do it?

Reading the BCU 3* Touring Award thread on the SoTP ... prompted this one.

Has anyone here managed to roll a "standard" canoe, by that I mean not a specialised white water one,  and if so of what size ... and how did you do it?
Our club canoes have relatively high seats and I can't lock myself in  those in a kneeling position. My Mad River Explorer 16TT has lower seats that fit me really well, kneeling or sitting, and I think I probably  could brace myself in place kneeling without having to add any shims etc at all ... but rolling one ... how would you try and get one back  upright??

Hmmm ... when the weather is warmer (if ever), I might even strap a dive tank/demand valve to the floor of my canoe and spend a day trying.

Any thoughts?

A reply from Graham (of MADCC) ....”Yes! it is the only way I can re-enter my canoe in deep water - I can't seem to climb in and rolling it upright is much easier.

Difficult to describe, but I do it sitting in the canoe upside down and  use a scull and a high brace. The first time I did it by accident is  documented here. It was very scrappy then, and a last resort after 15 minutes of trying to climb in! Now I have got it much smoother and don't slither around  in the hull, but still end up sitting on the bottom so it is difficult  in a loaded boat.


So it could be a useful self rescue method ... I finally got to try it today ....

Boat before up-tipping ...




Now how do I get under there? ... from the other side?


... and under the boat, loads of air to breath while I figure how to wriggle into place, between the mid seat and the yoke, with my knees locked under the yoke.


Now ... will it scull upright??


Wow ... and not much water in the boat at all .... I wish!


Ratty (from SotP) said that I really needed a rubber duck to set the scene. I didn’t have a rubber one, however the locals came across to watch the fun and sounded to be laughing at me. None seemed to want to join me in my “bath” on the principle that theirs is sooo much bigger.

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